Six Tips for Trade Show Success

By Denise Blackburn-Gay, APR, Fellow PRSA posted 03-30-2018 10:45 PM


Trade shows build brands by creating brand experiences like no other. Innovative exhibits along with integrated PR and marketing strategies, including a mix of traditional and social media, help maximize impact and return on investment. Here are six tips that will help ensure your client’s trade show success:

  1. Set a Trade Show Schedule. Determine which shows reach prospects in industries that will benefit from your client’s products or services.  Are the shows within easy travel distance?

  2. Determine your Objective. Know before you go.  Is the goal to introduce a new product or service to the marketplace?  Generate leads?  Attain new clients?  Assess the competition? If your client doesn’t have a goal, don’t go.

  3. Plan to Succeed. Make sure marketing materials are geared to the audience that will be attending the show, and make sure they are current.
    Before the trade show, encourage clients to reach out to prospects. Invite them to visit the booth. Establish appointments and get materials in their hands before they meet in person.

  4. Reel Them In. Create an attractive and compelling booth that encourages visitors to stop by. The average tradeshow attendee decides whether to visit a booth within three seconds.

  5. Engage with your Prospects: Obtain the name of the individual, company represented, and email address of every person who steps within the boundaries of the booth. Door prizes are an excellent way to obtain this information.

  6. Follow Up. You’ve heard the adage that ‘it isn’t over till it’s over.’ Encourage clients to review the list of show attendees and categorize them into those who are ready to buy and those whose purchase may take place in the future.  Follow up is key.