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By Kyle Niederpruem posted 10 days ago

Are you a podcast fan? Then you’re in luck. IPA PRSA has assembled some great topics and spots for your professional podcast adventures (sorry, nothing on cats or crime). Podcasts are long-form chats usually lasting an hour. So if you’re commuting, sitting on the beach on break this summer, or otherwise wanting to catch up with some great timely, professional tidbits, this is your list to save and savor.

The Talking Points Podcast features Arik Hanson and Kevin Hunt. Arik is a solo marketing and communications consultant in Minneapolis/St. Paul and Kevin leads corporate communications content and channels at General Mills. This podcast began in 2014 and has been sponsored by the Minnesota PRSA Chapter. A recent episode here focuses on the dwindling trust in influencers and just saying ‘no’ in PR.

2 Bobs Podcast focuses on “the art of creative entrepreneurship” featuring David C. Baker and Blair Inns. Our IPA Section chief reports that this duo spoke at CAPRSA – and highly recommends this particular podcast on pricing models from June. Per the site description: “Blair is struck by how creative businesses have trouble applying their creativity to their revenue models, so he and David discuss some of the best ways firms can get paid.”

Building a StoryBrand with Donald Miller, who is also a New York Times best-selling author on marketing. Much of the content is based on scaling a business, leadership and growing teams. But the bottom line is about brand and the power of storytelling. Past guests have included highlights with well-known thought leaders such as Seth Godin.

Inside PR promises to explore the ever-changing state of public relations. This is a social media and public relations podcast hosted by Gini Dietrich, Joseph Thornley and Martin Waxman. Dietrich, who is heavy on the speaker circuit and hosts her own podcast Spin Sucks, and Waxman, are active in PRSA as well as the Counselors Academy.

Women At Work explores gender in the workplace. Launched by the Harvard Business Review and hosted by editors Amy Bernstein, Sarah Green Carmichael, and Nicole Torres, this podcast seeks to “untangle some of the knottiest issues around being a woman at work” and covers everything from female leadership to changing workplace dynamics and harassment. One of the 2018 hot topics here is an examination of differing speech patterns between men and women – emphasis on interrupting an apologizing.

Hacks and Flacks started out as a blog and morphed into a podcast – as many good blogs do. It’s one of my personal favorites. Started by March Communications, it has been the winner of podcasting awards from the Publicity Club of New England and The Holmes Report. Here’s an update on influencer marketing, which has also one of our hottest topics for PRSA blog posts.

The latest research on podcasts – as of June 2019 – documents that there are more than 30 million episodes out there! If you’re interested in launching your own podcast, check out this list of communities that may be helpful.



Thanks for this list, Kyle! Here are a few other comms-related podcasts that I subscribe to:

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