20 Tips for Finding Your First or Next PR Job

By Rick Alcantara posted 01-15-2020 01:39 PM

Finding your first or new PR job can be daunting. Besides the arduous tasks of crafting a resume, searching job boards and networking with industry contacts, you have to deal with a rollercoaster of emotions and hits to your budget. To make the task easier, employ many or all of these 20 tips:

  1. Volunteer to serve on PRSA committees.
  2. Attend local meetings of PR/marketing/advertising trade associations and network with their members.
  3. Set up an online profile using Squarespace, About.me and any number of other sites.
  4. Subscribe to the pro version of LinkedIn so you can send inMail to recruiters/networking contacts, and mark your profile as "open" to recruiters.
  5. Regularly view job postings on the PRSA website.
  6. Upload your resume to indeed.com, CareerBuilder and ZipRecruiter.
  7. Review company profiles on Glassdoor and CrunchBase and reach out to the firms that interest you.
  8. Obtain a part-time, remote or contract job while you are searching (visit flexjobs.com, virtualvocations.com).
  9. Subscribe to RSS feeds on the job sites of the companies that interest you.
  10. Subscribe to the Job of the Week newsletter www.nedsjotw.com .
  11. Visit the IABC job site https://jobs.iabc.com/ .
  12. Add a portrait to your LinkedIn page. Recruiters won't take your profile seriously if it doesn't contain a photo.
  13. Craft your resume to focus more on your accomplishments than your job responsibilities.
  14. Expand the number of contacts in your LinkedIn network to 500+ and reach out to them for ideas and assistance.
  15. Create a one-page profile that you can give to contacts. Include your career accomplishments, personal strengths, and education. Also, include lists of target roles, industries and companies.
  16. Reach out to anyone at your target companies who can introduce you to hiring managers.
  17. Rather than putting your contacts on the spot by asking them if they are aware of any jobs, ask them to introduce you to contacts at your target companies.
  18. Volunteer at a charity in order to build your portfolio.
  19. Connect with your college's alumni office and see if they have a job site.
  20. Reach out to your college advisor and instructors and let them know what type of job you seek.