How to keep sports fans interested during the off season

By Thomas Dube posted 07-22-2020 04:08 PM


The offseason is a natural lull in sports action. However, this doesn't mean that sports has to die out completely. Let us take a very close look at how to keep sports fans interested during the offseason.

Roster changes

To start things off, roster changes are some of the most exciting pieces of news of the offseason. Where are certain players going? Are there any trades going on? Fans love to hear the latest rumors about their favorite players, so deliver this news as soon as it develops. Even if this news isn't always accurate, people love speculating about how rosters might develop. As long as you make a disclaimer that the news isn't verified, there's no harm in a bit of roster fun.

Social media

Next in line, sports social media is a great way to keep fans engaged. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have taken off as some of the most popular platforms online. Fans browse these sites all the time, and teams can interact with fans on a regular basis. Users absolutely love when a team account responds to their meme or shared image. Moreover, fans tend to check these accounts more than other forms of communication. If you have a message to spread with all your fans, message them on social media instead of sending an email. It's best way to maximize engagement and responses.


Yet another great way to keep sports fans interested is with merchandise. While the teams aren't playing during the offseason, fans might be looking to load up on team gear for the next season. Hats, jerseys and stickers are a few fan favorites. Teams can coordinate giveaways of these items that are sure to garner attention. In particular, teams often try to release new merchandise that has never been seen before. Exclusive jerseys are fantastic ways to reward loyal fans and viewers that have been with the organization from the very start. In addition to physical stores at the venue, an online store is a good way to reach overseas fans.

Home challenges

Last but not least, challenges for fans at home are always popular. For example, baseball teams might challenge fans to juggle baseballs or pitch a ball into a bucket. As fans record videos of them performing these feats, they become eligible for giveaways and other prizes. Watching sports is one thing, but playing sports is another. Whether fans are high school students with seasons of their own or parents who have laid down their equipment, home challenges are exciting for everyone involved.


When all is said and done, these are some great ways to keep sports fans interested during the offseason. While there might not be much action on the field, the offseason can still be exciting nonetheless. Use the above tips to generate interest!