Launching a Product: Guidelines for Success

By Thomas Dube posted 08-06-2020 03:00 PM


Without a successful launch strategy, even the most innovative of products won’t succeed. You cannot release your ‘baby’, a product you have spent hundreds of hours developing and investing in without making sure that it’s going to reach the people who need it. 

To make sure you get your product launch right, here are some steps to follow:


When you designed your product, you already had an idea about who your target market is. This is your core base of potential customers, and they should be the object of your launch strategy. After all, by getting them on board, you can expand your intended audience over time. 

Some research will indicate how your target market consumes products, where they get their information from, and what they want from a product like yours. This is vital data when you’re coming up with a product, but it is just as valid when you’re launching it. 

PR is a critical function in a product launch, but you need to examine how you’re going to drive your product home to the target audience. Very little interaction with traditional media is necessary. Instead, you need to be crafting your message and conveying it online and via social media platforms. 

With the right advice, you can set up a PR strategy that won’t cost a fortune but will deliver the desired result. Pitch your product in innovative ways to draw attention to it.


Another way to get your product’s name out there is to use promotional products from Empire Promos. By offering customers these items, you can further your marketing reach. Remember that word of mouth marketing is still one of the best ways to generate more sales. People rely on family and friends’ opinions when they’re making purchases. 

By offering promotional products like travel mugs, you can potentially spread the word about your product far and wide. It’s an innovative approach that few companies take advantage of, so it’s already going to help you stand out from your competitors.

Reach out

One of the biggest drivers of a product launch failure is an inability to generate enough market reach. It requires a lot of effort to get consumers’ attention in often already saturated markets. Err on the side of overreaching instead of underreaching. You don’t want your product being lost in the crowd, and it has to stand out.

Examine how best to get potential customer’s attention. This could mean plenty of social media engagement and building up SEO to ensure that your product ranks high in online search results. A digital marketing strategy is essential at this time as you need to be posting relevant information at optimal times with backlinks that take readers to your website.

Involve others

Networking is vital at any stage of product development, but it plays a critical role in the launch process. You need as many people and businesses as you can to be onboard with your launch. They won’t come to you, meaning that you’ll need to find and approach them. 

This could mean finding others whose interests align with yours and letting them become part of your launch. For example, if you’re launching a fashion line, you need social media influencers to help you spread the word. Brand ambassadors, whether they’re established professionals or superfans, broaden your engagement with potential buyers. 

Align yourself with them before you even launch, as this will be a massive springboard for your product. Don’t write off others’ involvement as insignificant because it comes down to word of mouth marketing, which is an effective tool in your arsenal of product launching strategies.