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10 reasons to make your way to Indianapolis for the 2016 PRSA International Conference

By Becky Graebe posted 08-02-2016 05:32 PM


If you’ve ever attended the annual PRSA International Conference (ICON) before, you know it’s a powerhouse among events for communicators. Year after year it attracts the very best in our business, and brings together PR and Employee Communications professionals eager share ideas, experiences, insights and more. This year is no exception with an outstanding lineup of speakers and networking sessions planned for the Oct. 23-25 event in Indianapolis. Hear from them now at #PRSAICON.

Need more convincing? Here are 10 reasons we think this conference is a winner:  

  1. Network with more than 3,000 public relations professionals from locations and industries all around the world. (Imagine trying to get that room full of communicators to quiet down!)

  2. Discover new ways to push your personal limits from NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly, keynote presenter at this year’s event.

  3. ICON is centrally located in Indianapolis this year. The “Crossroads of America” has more interstate legs than anywhere else in the country with six interstate highways cutting through the city. Road trip! But if you’re flying, leaving your worries at home. The Indy airport is regularly voted the most secure in the country.

  4. The conference is the perfect way to invest in yourself and your career, learning from your peers and some of the best in the business.

  5. Steak ‘N Shake is headquartered in Indianapolis, so you can “Takhomasak” of great ideas along with a side of crispy retro fries. Speaking of fresh ideas…expect to hear from some Employee Communications Section members who have been selected to present at ICON this year including Becky Graebe, SAS, and Sean Williams, APR, Communication AMMO, Inc.

  6. Bring the family and enjoy a little time on either side of the Oct. 23-25 conference. Indy’s Children’s Museum is the largest in the world, spanning 500,000 square feet and housing over 100,000 items.

  7. It’s technically illegal to take a bath between the months of October and March in Indianapolis, so plan morning meet-ups with other conference goers to take advantage of all that extra time.

  8. Indianapolis’ “Naptown” nickname is a reference to the early 1900’s when the city was little more than a nighttime stopping point for travelers through the state, but this year’s conference will be far from a snoozefest with more than 80 professional development sessions.

  9. The 8-mile Indianapolis Cultural Trail is an engaging and beautiful way to experience downtown Indianapolis. Walk, run or BikeShare!

  10. ICON will showcase enough new creative ideas to flip your lid and fry your brain, then you can visit the Indiana Medical History Museum in town to see a room full of pickled ones.

Have some convincing reasons of your own? Let's hear them!