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Member Profile: Anthony Bolton Connects with Employee Experience

By Lise Harwin, APR posted 11-07-2018 05:35 PM


Bolton_Anthony_Small.jpgAnthony Bolton got into internal communications because he wanted a steady writing gig. But what he found was a job that went far beyond intranet content and newsletters, and straight to the heart of helping employees love their experience at work. Find out how he’s leading the charge at Gulfstream Aerospace and why he decided to head up our Connect 19 employee communications conference.

First, the basics: Tell us a little bit about what you do and where you work.

I lead the employee communications function at Gulfstream Aerospace. I’m based in beautiful Savannah, GA.


What drew you to the world of employee communications?

I kind of fell into it looking for a gig where I could make steady money writing all day. When I realized how good internal communications can improve someone’s experience at work, I was hooked.


When did you first get involved with our section and what inspired you to take on a leadership role?

I attended the Connect conference in Dallas a few years back, and I was blown away by the enriching experience I had and the internal communications tribe I’d found. In years past, I held leadership roles with PRSA Charlotte and missed that level of participation after moving to Savannah. I’m grateful that Elizabeth Wang saw my potential and encouraged me to engage with the employee communications section board.


What are your biggest employee communications challenges and where do you see opportunities?

Many people don’t understand what employee communications can do beyond posting intranet articles and generating newsletters. Given the chance, we can help shape and influence company cultures in big ways.


Tell us about your plans for PRSA Connect 19. When it comes to programming, are there any topics you’d particularly like to see explored?

I’m excited to be hosting Connect 19 in Phoenix, May 15-17. Defining specific topics can be limiting because everyone has different challenges. I think the key is to offer programming that gives communications pros insights and tactics they can use back at the office. The call for presentations is open until Nov. 30.


Do you have a hidden talent or skill? Tell us one surprising thing about you!

My wife says I have a talent for finding something in common with every person I meet. I also make a tasty bowl of chili.